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  • End Fossil Fuel Finance
  • July 27, 2021
  • WATCH: New ‘Fossil Free Federal Reserve’ campaign launches

    Ahead of August 26-28 Economic Policy Symposium, communities demand Federal Reserve codify climate responsibility, urge Biden appoint a climate champion as Fed Chair.

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    Federal Reserve – Why is climate not a financial stability consideration for monetary policy?

    By: Emily Park On September 30, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York hosted a conference on “Financial Stability Considerations for Monetary Policy.”  After the Federal Reserve’s Vice Chair of Supervision Michael Barr stated that …

    What the U.S. Federal Reserve must do right now; an economic schooling from the European Central Bank on planning for climate risks

    While extreme weather and climate disruption are taking hundreds of lives in the US and costing billions yearly, shooting up inflation and food prices, and sabotaging the global economy to the tune of trillions of dollars, the US …

    What the Fed must do (again) to get the US off out-dated energy sources, support clean energy, and stop backing climate destruction.

    Our new reality, filled with extreme weather events across the globe on a regular basis, demands a change towards clean energy and away from outdated climate destroying energy sources of the past – fossil fuels. …

    What Biden should have talked about last week with Fed Chair Powell