Take Action

Take Action on Earth Day for a Fossil Free Federal Reserve

Last October, we took to the streets and demanded that President Biden appoint climate leaders to the Board of Governors for the US Federal Reserve – the referee of the US economy. We successfully made climate a central part of the conversation and made it clear that we expect action from the Fed.

This Earth Day, we’re mobilizing all across the US to demand that the Federal Reserve end the financing of the climate crisis and instead fund a Green New Deal!

If you’re in a location with a Federal Reserve location (click here for a map of all locations), we’re calling on YOU to tell Fed officials that the climate crisis is a threat to the economy and well-being of our country, and it is their job to do something about it. It’s important that we have representation at as many Fed locations as possible – so your voice will be crucial to the success of our campaign.

If you don’t live in a Fed Reserve location – you can still be involved! Host an event of your own, whether that’s a photo opportunity, a virtual lobby day, or some other action.

Click Here to Host an Earth Day Event!

Contact Emily Park [email protected] for organizing support and information.