Demand a Fossil-Free Federal Reserve

A fossil-free Federal Reserve works for all

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Inflation, driven up by climate change, is hurting everyday Americans in every aspect of their lives, and fossil fuel companies’ profits have never been higher. Worse, the Fed is choosing to address inflation by raising interest rates, which will hurt average consumers more than it will major corporations.

Economic instability will only continue to worsen as the climate crisis continues. We need a central bank that supports black, indigenous, and communities of color fighting on the frontlines of racial and economic injustice and climate destruction. Instead, the Federal Reserve is neglecting to regulate the banks that are financing oil, gas, and coal expansion projects, actively funding the climate crisis.

We need to make sure the Federal Reserve prioritizes the biggest existential and economic risk our country is currently facing: the climate crisis.

The Fed can bring an end to fossil fuel finance

The Federal Reserve must use existing regulatory and supervisory tools to begin limiting and phasing down the financing of emissions.

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